The Story Behind the Peace Lily

When choosing an image to represent my face book page, I knew I wanted something that could visually express what Intuitive Eating means to me.  It realized pretty quickly that it was the Peace Lily.

This was my choice for several reasons.  First, perhaps obviously, it was because of the name.  Intuitive Eating has given me a sense of inner peace that I never thought could be possible.  The Peace Lily’s name embodies that for me.

Secondly, as a living thing, the lily requires proper nourishment and care.  If given those elements, it will continue to grow and flourish.  As practicing Intuitive Eaters, we will continue to grow and expand in our learning; if we are able meet our bodies’ basic needs and learn to be gentle and kind to ourselves.

Finally, I chose this image for a more personal reason.  Several years ago a car accident took the lives of two of my family members.  As a gift of condolence my husband and I received a rock garden from some friends.  Unfortunately, the plants in that pot have all since died… all except for one; the Peace Lily.  That plant is now nearly 3 feet tall and stands proudly in my living room.  To me, this symbolizes strength and perseverance.  In order to discover the Intuitive Eater inside of you … you will also need to be strong and to persevere.  Remember, this journey is not a road of perfection.  It will take many detours along the way.  Sometimes you may feel as though you are not moving in the right direction.  Stay steady.  Be strong and continue on.  If you do, you will find what you seek.  Believe in yourself and you will achieve.

As one final note, I would like to share something special.  At the conclusion of my last support group, I shared the story of the peace lily.  About two weeks later, my plant bloomed for the first time in nearly four years.  To all of my ladies with whom I have shared tears, stories of joy, frustration and accomplishment… this is for you.  This is your message and my wish for each of you as you continue on your journey; internal peace, happiness and freedom.

Yours always,


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