Personal Training 

My training style is a combination of traditional and functional exercises designed to improve strength and stamina thereby enhancing everyday living.  I have worked with all ages and fitness levels.  I am passionate about what I do and love to share that passion. My goal as a professional is to inspire and motivate others towards a lifetime of fitness, health and wellbeing.

As my client, your workouts are designed for you alone; your goals, likes/dislikes and fitness level.  You will have the assurance that the exercises chosen are appropriate for you and that you will learn to execute them safely and effectively.  

Individual Personal Training

There aren’t too many times in your life that it’s all about you, but this is one of them!  Individual sessions give you a totally personal experience.  Your program will be designed taking into consideration your unique style and personality, in order to safely and effectively help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • Pay-as-you-go ……….  $45/session
  • 5 Sessions ……………..  $40/session
  • 10 Sessions ……………  $35/session
  • 15 Sessions ……………  $30/session

Group Session Personal Training

Some people enjoy a little friendly competition, while others enjoy the mutual support that a group setting has to offer.  Programs are designed to meet the goals of the group as a whole and can provide a less expensive option when sharing the cost with friends.  Maximum group size is 4 people.

  • Pay-as-you-go  ……….  $60/session
  • 5 Sessions   …………….  $55/session
  • 10 Sessions …………….  $50/session
  • 15 Sessions …………….  $45/session

Payment Options

Payment is to be received before training can begin.  If working together on a weekly basis, payments can be made prior to the first session of each week.

  • Payment in full for package plans of 10 sessions or more will earn you 5% discount*.  
  • Full-time students receive a 5% discount*.

* Discount options cannot be combined

For more information regarding personal training options, please feel free to contact me!

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